Jacques Busquet

Jacques BUSQUET, MD, is the coordinator of vascular and endovascular service at the Clinique Val d’Or – Saint Cloud, a prestigious private hospital in Paris, France, part of the Vivalto Foundation Group.

He completed medical school, four-year internship in surgery and six-year residency in cardio-vascular and thoracic surgery at the University of Bordeaux, France. In 1983, he also completed a cardio-vascular research fellowship at the Brompton Hospital, University of London, UK, after winning the research award of the French Society of Cardiology.

In 1988, he set up one of the first endovascular program in France using peripheral angioplasty and stents, after several post-residency trainings in USA. Since this time, he is actively involved as speaker, moderator or scientific committee member of the major international vascular and endovascular meetings. In Nov 2010, he received the international vascular award “Pionner in Performance” in NYC during Veith Symposium.

Dr Busquet is co-founder in 1992, executive board member and former chairman of international council of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists (ISEVS). He has been President of the Society and has the current position of ISEVS International Ambassador.

He is also president of the Val d’Or Vascular Association, a french non-profit organization dedicated to research and development in cardiovascular medicine.

Dr Busquet is member of the French Society of Vascular Surgery and former elected board member. He also serves as editorial board member in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy, the Endovascular Today Magazine, the Endovascular Today Magazine -Europe and Tecnicas Endovasculares.