Danielle Dunyo

Danielle Dunyo is a single mother of 2 ADHD children. She obtained her BSN in 2014 and began work as the charge nurse of 2 St. Louis City jails where Danielle encountered a pleathora of experiences from medical emergencies, psychiatric emergencis, and worked to stabilize violent encounters between inmates. Danielle has since worked 8 years in an acute psychiatric hospital until she graduated with her masters in Psychiatric mental health nursing practice. Danielle then began her NP career as a psychiatric provider and prescriber working inpatient with adolescents and adults helping patients detox from drugs and alcohol, as well as giving care to patients with mental health struggles such as depression, PTSD, psychotic disorders, and personality disorderds. Danielle enjoys a gluten free, vegan and whole foods diet with her passion in treating mental health with natural modalities such as diet change, exercise, herbs, meditation, and other natural ways if treating patients holistically. Danielle also began her NP career in an outpatient office where she now spends her time focusing on outpatient patients with various diagnoses. Danielle is always laghing with patients despite the emotion they entered her office feeling.



Real World ADHD: Making Sense of All the Options

Thursday, May 30, 2024
11:05 AM - 12:05 PM