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The Who's Who on the Expo Floor

Special offers, deals, and exciting things to see all while at SLEC in Phoenix.

Yardi Systems

Booth 3001
Visit booth 3001 for a quick peek into what's new at Yardi. With a fresh look and enhanced features in the same reliable foundation, you'll see how the Yardi Senior Living Suite has all the tools you need in a single connected solution. Yardi cares about providing software specifically designed for senior living to help our clients manage their business efficiently. Stop by to meet our knowledgeable senior living team, ask questions or get a demo on solutions to support your business.

ALIS by Medtelligent
Booth 2901
Brand New Data Hygiene Report, Move Out Predictor, and Length Of Stay Study

Booth 3419
Visit the Eldermark booth at SLEC 2024 to see NEXT generation senior living software: Eldermark NEXT! Our all-inone, intuitive, modernized software platform integrates EHR, EMAR, analytics, marketing, billing, and ePayments, designed specifically for senior living needs. Bring all your data and software under one roof, streamline work, discover new revenue, and simplify staff training with our user-friendly interface. Plus, don't miss exclusive interviews with Eldermark users sharing insights on how they discovered new revenue and tackled staffing challenges. See for yourself how your entire senior living business can thrive with Eldermark NEXT at booth #3419.

PointClickCare invites you to experience our simplified, connected senior living EHR. See how Pharmacy Connect can decrease time spent on medication management by upwards of 50% while reducing medication errors through unparalleled integration with your preferred pharmacy. Learn how your community can provide a seamless care experience for residents by connecting to the most comprehensive healthcare collaboration network in the U.S. If you're looking for a solution that's driving healthcare coordination and opening the door to value-based care, visit us at booth #3133 to learn more and enter for your chance to win an Apple Watch!

Unlock Health
Booth 3139
In complement to our marketing presentation at the 2024 Senior Living Executive Conference our team is proud to share copies of our 2024 Senior Living Marketers' Survey, a partnership with Senior Housing News at our booth 3139.

Booth 2724
Visit us at booth #2724 to speak with an expert about becoming a payroll & HR rock star and enter to win tickets to your favorite rock star concert. Ask about our newly released 2024 Caregiver Onboarding Experience Report: A Re-think is Overdue, where we surveyed 175 Administrators and 220 Caregivers, and gain insights on how to retain your talent!

Adhi Software
Booth 3324
To Know more about our open source free Resident Management Software (Erpmine). Learn about our Custom API Integration with other Software Products like Hupspot, Mailchimp, Payment Integrators. Learn about AI Modelling, Data Analytics. Intranet Portal, Mobile App and Web App Development Capabilities.

Alzheimer's Association

Booth 3210
Learn more about Alzheimer's Association products and services to improve person-centered care practices in your care communities!

Amazon Business
Booth 3141
Amazon Business is improving the way healthcare organizations source and purchase products, making supply chains more efficient, simplifying contract administration, and bringing comparison-shopping to healthcare. Amazon Business has features built for the unique needs of the healthcare industry, from business-only prices and volume discounts to helping optimize purchasing and approval workflows, Amazon Business can help simplify sourcing at scale.

Booth 3031
Stop by the BILL booth #3031, snag some of our amazing socks and learn how we can help you control your spend!

Blue Sky Marketing
Booth 3307
Accelerate your swag with Blue Sky Marketing. Think of us as your dedicated pit crew, fine-tuning every aspect of your corporate gifting and branded promo. Stop by our booth for laughs, giveaways, and a great time, plus enter the raffle to win! Hint: Spot the Formula 1 banner, and you're in for a treat!

Booth 3319
BlueTeam is a nationwide partner for Senior Living properties for restoration, construction, and roofing. Stop by our booth for the chance to win a Sonos speaker and learn how we can help you protect your properties. Want to learn more about the proprietary BlueTeam app? We'd love to give you a demonstration at our booth!

By The Yard, Inc.
Booth 3306

Need longer lasting, lower maintenance outdoor furniture? By the Yard manufacturers top-quality maintenance-free outdoor furniture for thousands of Senior Living communities. Our furniture withstands the harshest climates and can be left outside all year long. Need proof? How about a 35-year warranty! With 380 products, from table/chair sets, gliders, benches, and planter boxes we're your one-stop source. Chat with us now or request a catalog and color samples.

Booth 3115
Explore the incredible benefits of our AI-powered platform that enables preventive care. Learn how our innovative solution empowers communities to retain residents and enhance staff efficiency. Our platform has shown remarkable outcomes, including a 39% reduction in hospitalizations, a 69% decrease in falls, a 67% increase in length of stay, and a 37% improvement in staff response time. By visiting our booth, you can gain insights that can reshape care delivery in your community.

Caretronic Inc.
Booth 3134
Discover the future of nurse call technology at booth #3134, with a live demo of our state-of-the-art system, a first in the U.S.! Our 30+ years of expertise culminate in this advanced, modular solution, optimizing patient-staff communication and workflow efficiency. See our technology in action, enhancing real-time monitoring and providing crucial data insights to improve patient care. In just a few minutes, learn how we're revolutionizing healthcare facilities. Don't miss this opportunity to experience our innovative solution firsthand and see why we're the priority visit in Phoenix.

Booth 2745

**Strike a Perfect Game in Payroll Accuracy and Bowling!**
Join us at the Celery booth to grab your exclusive bowling towel for the conference's special bowling night. While you're there, discover how our AI-driven platform transforms payroll management. From detecting fraud to uncovering overtime exceptions and glitches, Celery makes navigating through hundreds of pay stubs effortless. No more manual reviews missing the mark. Celery spots the errors and trends that could be costing you, ensuring your financials are as spot-on as your bowling game. Get ready to strike it big with accuracy in both your finances and fun!

Checked In Care
Booth 2610
Bringing the best of Australia to the USA. Drop by to see the leading Resident, Staff and Family Experience solution in the Asia Pacific.  Proven to increase revenue, occupancy and resident experience whilst reducing costs. For those Senior Living Operators wishing to provide the best Resident Experience possible!

Booth 2913
ClearCaptions delivers captions on the phone so your residents won't miss a word in the moments that matter. Nearreal- time phone captioning allows residents to see every word their callers say, as they say them, and at no cost to qualified individuals. Available as a home phone or mobile app, ClearCaptions offers captions at home or on the go for those who need them most. Stop by to learn more about how ClearCaptions can help your residents maintain their independence!

Booth 2603
ComForCare offers a variety of in-home care services and specialized trademarked programs to fit the needs of you and your family. It is our goal to provide safety and security for your elderly loved ones. Whether your loved one's health concerns are due to illness, injury, or aging, our personal home care packages and flexible scheduling allow your loved one to maintain a sense of freedom, dignity, and connection to friends and family. Seniors who choose to stay at home are often happier, healthier, and recover faster from illness or injury than those living in assisted living facilities. ComForCare is independent living with a little extra help!

Common CENTS Solutions
Booth 2608
Step into innovation and come demo GEMpos on our kiosk. It's our point-of-sale software developed with the senior living industry in mind. We're at Booth #2608 and are ready to talk about transforming your food service operations. We're also doing a $100 Amazon gift card raffle and you could be the lucky winner!

Booth 3428
We will be raffling off a free 20-page website or 12 months of access to our conversion tools for one lucky operator.

Creating Results
Booth 3012
Creating Results is a forward-thinking partner in growth with Sales and Marketing strategies rooted in consumer research. Come visit booth #3012 to meet a experienced and dedicated staff to level-up your Sales and Marketing.

Curana Health
Booth 2839
Stop by booth #2839 to learn how to improve clinical, operational, and financial efficiencies in your community through value-based care. Enter to win Anker Soundcore wireless headphones and a 3-in-1 wireless charger.

Booth 2938
"Tech Meets Compassion"
"Where technology meets heart – Curenta's EMR. Designed for Assisted Living Facilities, our platform brings efficiency with a human touch. Experience care management redefined at Booth #2938. Let's reshape senior living together with intelligence and empathy. Curenta: Innovating for better lives."

DAS Health
Booth 3329
DID YOU KNOW? vcpi is now DAS Health! Join us in celebrating this exciting news and REGISTER FOR TICKETS to the Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field against the LA Dodgers. FREE FOOD AND DRINKS! Hurry - Tickets are limited ... Visit Booth 3329 to register TODAY!

Booth 2636

Come visit us at our booth and let us tell you about our national distribution solution with independent, super-regional distributors. Chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards!

DosePacker Pharmacy Services
Booth 3220
If your community is looking to cut med-pass prep by over 90%, spend 50% less time passing medications, and automate your MAR charting, stop into booth 3220 to see how DosePacker can help.

Dual Path
Booth 2912
Our CEO, Eric Markow, is offering attendees the chance to experience an aerial tour of Phoenix! Visit us at Booth #2912 to sign up for a flight over Sedona. We're also providing a demo of our MyCommunities mobile app designed specifically for senior living communities, plus integrated access control and security software.

ECP Assisted Living Software
Booth 3214
Swing by the ECP Booth for a live demo of our Assisted Living software AND the chance to win two suite tickets for the Dodgers / Diamondbacks game on April 30th!

EyeWatch LIVE
Booth 2638
Stop by and learn how cutting-edge AI combined with nursing-specialized human intelligence (HI) are working together to help get ahead of many safety risks — falls, elopements, intrusions, staff visits, restroom visits, compliance with turning in bed (for bed sores), behavioral issues (especially in shared units) and so much more! EyeWatch LIVE was formed by folks in the senior living industry who knew there had to be a better way of not just reporting on falls and other things that have already happened, but to get ahead and prevent the falls from talking place to begin with. We've beeen protecting hundreds of residents for the last two years!

Foresite Healthcare
Booth 2935
Book a 5-minute demo/discussion or simply stop by our Booth #2935 and hear how Foresite Healthcare's comprehensive suite of solutions are increasing resident length of stay and staff efficiency for senior living communities across the country. You will be entered to win a Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.
Booth 2739 is transforming senior living through our holistic data-driven platform that was built by operators, for operators. Our platform leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to develop proactive care strategies that can better anticipate residents' needs, resulting in enhanced resident well-being, increased operational efficiencies, and significantly improved NOI. integrates solutions across community management, resident care, and family engagement, enhancing communication and providing real-time insights. By making complex data accessible and actionable, strengthens the entire ecosystem of senior living communities—resulting in happier residents, empowered staff, and stronger financial performance.

Booth 2726
Discover the best way to find and hire non-clinical Workers with GigSmart at SLEC 2024! Our platform offers instant access to over 1 million workers nationwide, ready to work Shifts on-demand, covering diverse qualifications for sameday hiring. Revolutionize how you hire for non-clinical roles and enjoy the chance to win a subscription to the Wine of the Month Club or a smartwatch exclusively at our booth. Visit us in Phoenix to elevate your hiring strategy and enter our drawing. Don't miss out—GigSmart is your gateway to efficient workforce solutions and a chance to win a reward!

GoGo For Business
Booth 3435
Unfulfilled transportation promises? Discover at GoGo's Booth how communities are revolutionizing transportation services for residents! Doubtful? Experience it firsthand for free this week – swing by our booth and receive complimentary ride credits.

Guardian Pharmacy Services
Booth 3101
Stop by booth #3103 to discover GuardianShield, Guardian Pharmacy's suite of services designed to enhance the safety and well-being of your residents while optimizing your community's financial outcomes. Our services include Clinical Intervention, Insurance Optimizer, Antibiotic Stewardship, Psychotropic Medication Reduction, and more. Learn how we use advanced analytics and the expertise of our clinical services team to improve resident outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance medication safety. Explore actionable insights that can transform your care delivery. Visit us to see how we can help you protect your residents and your bottom line!

Hamilton CapTel
Booth 3111
Since 2003, Hamilton® CapTel® has made more than 370 million Captioned Telephone conversations possible for individuals with hearing loss. At no cost to the community or resident, Hamilton CapTel delivers innovative solutions that make telephone calls accessible and reliable for seniors with hearing loss – supporting the need for connection with family and friends outside the community. The ability to listen and read captions of what's said using a specially designed captioned telephone, a smartphone or a tablet keeps residents connected. Additionally, we offer industry research and information that may assist senior care professionals in the course of their work.
Booth 2719
Whether you're in need of updating signage in one facility or updating signage for an entire community or brand of senior homes, is here to help! And if something happens and you need a replacement sign, we make it easy for facilities to order replacement signage that will match their current sign specifications. Stop by Booth #2719 to learn more.

Healthcare Success
Booth 2840
Healthcare marketing agency with extensive experience in the senior living space. Offering a free marketing analysis for attendees in Arizona.

Hord Coplan Macht
Booth 2822
Innovators and changemakers, join us at Booth 2822 to share your senior living vision! We are passionate about Senior Living design and are nationally recognized for creating buildings that enrich residents' lives and enhance their communities. Our mission is to build enduring relationships with our clients, support lifelong learning, and promote holistic wellness throughout the entire resident experience.

Booth 3323
Looking for an EHR that's robust enough to fit your needs but easy enough for staff to use on a daily basis? Come visit us at Booth 3323 to get a 5-minute peak into our user-friendly system and register for your chance to win a cell phone fast charger!

Innovative Opening Solutions

Booth 2721
As you transition to keyless unit-entry and credential access, IOS is a supplier you can trust to provide the best solutions at the best price. IOS helps owners/developers, architect, G.C's, and end-user management teams save time & money on their division 8 scope.

Insight Worldwide, Inc.
Booth 2614
Insight Worldwide - We help Senior Living organizations make smarter, more informed hiring decisions every time! Whether you are hiring frontline caregivers, leadership positions, or support staff in your communities, Insight Worldwide is your winning edge for employee retention and performance. Our pre-employment assessments streamline your hiring process, helping you build better teams and boost your bottom line. Other screening tools can't always predict future behaviors before you interview, so choose the industry leader and take the savings to the bank!

Java Group
Booth 3114
The only solution for loneliness and isolation is friendship. That's the focus of the Java peer support programs. Sign up for the CMP grant that pays the complete cost, no ongoing fees. Music, discussion topics, social engagement. Implemented by over 2000 senior living organizations so far. Published research shows 30% drop in depression scores, 60% increase in activity participation. End loneliness, spread happiness!

Legacy Healthcare Services
Booth 3225
Legacy Healthcare Services provides physical, occupational, speech, and wellness services solely in senior living communities empowering senior adults to lead a life filled with purpose, safety, and joy. Celebrating 25 years of taking care of seniors, Legacy therapists work in over 500 communities in 25 states. #LiveYourLegacy.

Booth 2613
Visit the LifeLoop Lounge #2613 to grab a fresh cup of cold brew coffee, experience the engagement and operations platform supporting 500,000 seniors across the nation, and meet our new CEO!

Master's Transportation
Booth 3339
Stop by to learn more about your top transportation solution partner! We work with you to make sure you get the right vehicle for your organization! Our intensive inventory includes ADA accessible vehicles from 5-24 passengers. Join us at Booth #3339 to learn more about your Buy, Rental, or Leasing options!

Booth 2926
Ready to deliver the wide range of care your residents need using tools specifically developed for the unique needs of your facility? MatrixCare has an all-in-one solution designed with your needs in mind. Swing by booth #2926 to see what solutions can best support you. Plus, there's some awesome swag and a chance to win our exclusive surprise giveaway.

Booth 2708
What if you could have your menu design, production, purchase order and Point of Sale technologies from one single vendor? Visit MealSuite's Booth #2708 to learn about our complete end-to-end system that helps you:
-Keep food costs in-check with real-time menu pricing that integrates with major food distributors
-Deliver personalized meal service with built-in Resident Profiles
-Enhance the mealtime experience with mobile ordering solutions
Complete with a Point of Sale system designed specifically for senior living. BONUS: Your booth visit will benefit Meals on Wheels! Checkout with our Self-Service Kiosk to reveal how much we'll donate towards feeding a senior on your behalf.

Mighty Health
Booth 3439
Relieve your stress with a free, 15 minute professional chair massage at Booth #3439 and learn about how Mighty Health's all-in-one digital health platform helps seniors prevent falls and improve mobility. Reserve your spot:

MissionCare Collective
Booth 3034
Do you struggle with finding superior quality, CNAs, HHAs and caregivers? Do you experience unusually high caregiver turnover in the first 90 days of employment? Visit MissionCare Collective at booth 3034 to discover how we can transform your workforce across our suite of brands! Learn how to tap into the nation's largest network of CNAs, reduce reliance on Indeed, engage your team, and reduce turnover. Our partners consistently experience enhanced team stability, satisfaction, and improved financial outcomes.

Booth 3110
Did you know a functional and beautifully designed model can not only drive occupancy, but help increase your monthly rates? Come talk to us and learn how our solutions can bring you quick and measurable returns.

Booth 2931
We provide many products and services to help with patient integration in regards to medical information, health history, prescriptions, medications, allergies etc.

NEXDINE Hospitality
Booth 3402
Enhance your resident satisfaction scores and boost your profitability by collaborating with NEXDINE Hospitality. As a privately owned entity, we excel in delivering superior results through a pay-for-performance-, (KPI)-driven approach to dining, EVS, and hospitality solutions.

Nobi Smart Lamps
Booth 3420
Meet Nobi, the fall prevention and detection solution that combines optical sensors and AI in a stylish, life-saving lamp. Its smart systems detect every fall, immediately alerting care staff or family. This immediate assistance saves lives, quickens recovery, reduces hospital stays, and decreases care needs after hospitalization. Nobi also assists in preventing 4 in 5 falls, effectively becoming a partner to older adults, their families, and care staff, as well as the management of care institutions.

Omnicare, a CVS Health Company
Booth 3213
Are you a current partner or looking for superior pharmacy service and support? Connect with the Omnicare team at the night one reception or visit our surprise "blue" candy bar at our booth on day two. We can't wait to connect!

Visit OpusVi at Booth 2619 for a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card and to learn how our Nurse Residency and Certified Nursing Assistant programs are revitalizing the way we look at senior living workforce development!

Booth 3400
Come one, come all to our Paychex Senior Living PEO Booth #3400! Leave your hats at the door and get ready to play 'Whack-a-Role'! Test your skills as you knock out the headaches of HR management and compliance issues that plague your senior living community. With our PEO solutions, you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care – while we handle the rest. Don't miss out, ditch the hat, and grab that mallet –– join the fun and let's whack those HR troubles away!

Booth 3434
Discover how the PacSana Remote Care Platform is liberating senior living with personalized and precision care insights across the continuum.  Drop by Booth #3434 to win a rare bottle of Green Spot Irish Whiskey and learn more about our exclusive Argentum show-only attendee offer. Support your workforce and elevate care with our simplistically designed, but powerful solution. 

Booth 3109
Experience the future of senior care at Booth 3109! Witness live demos of PalCare's cutting-edge software updates, enabling real-time decision-making for residents and staff. Discover the power of data-driven insights in one unified care platform to enhance care quality and efficiency. Get an exclusive sneak peek at PalCare's upgraded integration with Amazon's Alexa voice-to-voice technology. Don't miss out on exclusive discounts for our online store, featuring essential senior care equipment like pendants, pagers, and pull cords. Join us and step into a world where technology revolutionizes compassionate caregiving.

Parkway Construction
Booth 3028
Drop your business card for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Parkway is a nationally recognized design-build firm specializing in senior living remodel, refresh, occupied renovation, and ground up projects. Additionally, we offer self-performing services tailored for capital expenditure (capex) projects. Expect the same high-quality service, regardless of region, project size or contract value.

Percussion Play Ltd
Booth 2625
Come visit our booth #2625 and immerse yourself in hands-on experience of playing a variety of outdoor musical instruments. We will also introduce you to the numerous benefits these instruments can bring to seniors. Additionally, you can obtain a copy of our brand-new white paper, which explores in detail how music and outdoor musical play can enhance cognitive, physical, and psychosocial well-being. Join us in discovering the transformative power of music and nature!

Booth 3121
Don't forget to stop by the PharMerica booth #3121 for a chance to win a YETI Gift Bag! Winners will be selected at the end of the conference!

Powerback Rehabilitation
Booth 2811
Discover the best-kept secret in the industry: Powerback Rehabilitation. With 38 years of expertise, we offer more than just traditional rehab. Gain your competitive edge with us:
1. Strategic Data Partnerships
2. Respiratory Therapy Services
3. Comprehensive Swallowing Evaluation (FEES)
4. Wellness services
5. Therapy Program Management
Curious for more? Visit our booth #2811 to learn 5 more ways to ensure your center's success with Powerback!

Purple Door Finders
Booth 3136
It's time for a change; no need to look back! Placement agencies are way off track!  Join the revolution, embrace the new! Purple Door can make your dream come true.   No more hefty referrals ever again! Drop off your business card to win!  Your Apple Watch awaits at 3136. Purple Door is the FIX!

Procare HR
Networking Lounge
At SLEC only, we're kicking off complimentary labor current state analyses. Our clients are averaging 3-10% in labor
savings while improving care outcomes under our proprietary managed services model.

QX Global Group
Booth 3430
TRANSFORM YOUR F&A OPERATIONS! Discover how to slash costs by 40-60%, boost your NOI, and fast-track financial reporting. Stop by Booth #3430 to learn more and enter our draw for a chance to win exclusive Chestnut Farms Bourbon and Baldacci Cabernet Sauvignon!

Booth 2809
Visit us at Booth#2809 and find out why RCare is more than a Nurse Call System. We will be giving away over $1,000 worth of prizes!

Booth 2908
Know exactly when care is provided, every time. SafelyYou Clarity™, powered by our next-generation Omni AI engine, helps communities identify and measure staff to resident care, initiate care assessments sooner, and optimize workloads. This industry-first technology is 100% hands-free, requires no wearables and empowers you to provide higher-quality care across your entire community. Visit our booth to learn more!

Schetky Bus & Van Sales
Booth 3041
The premier provider of buses and vans to the senior living industry. We work with the largest senior living communities in the country and can provide the same transportation options that they use.

Senior Sign
Booth 2936
Our move-in manager leads to a 25-50% reduction in time spent preparing, collecting, and storing move-in paperwork.  We may compete with DocuSign, but we are way more than a signature! Come by the Senior Sign booth to learn how our software can optimize your resident move-in experience.
Sleek Platform
Tight Security
Save Time
Multi-Site Standardization

Booth 3201
At Sentrics' SLEC 2024 booth, experience how we're revolutionizing over 7,500 senior living communities with advanced fall detection, Enrich Analytics, and SeniorTV for unparalleled safety and engagement. Dive into data-driven care, prevent falls before they happen, and entertain like never before. Plus, enjoy your favorite espresso drink with us. Join Sentrics in Phoenix to see how we enhance senior living, making communities safer and more vibrant.

Servpro Industries, LLC
Booth 3116
"When disaster strikes, big or small, you need to get your facility back in operation fast. Come to Booth 3116 and see how the nation's largest network of emergency service providers can "Make it like it never happened". 1-800-SERVPRO. Cleaning. Restoration. Construction.

Booth 3418
At SERVPRO Team JEFFRIES, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction every step of the way. We are ready anytime, anywhere you need us! Stop by booth 3418 and see our difference.

Booth 2801
Senior living facilities and their residents can be severely impacted by disasters, which is why they require the most reliable partner in recovering from the unexpected. With 65+ years of experience and 400+ locations, you can rest assured we will be there for you whenever and wherever you need us, and will ensure the well-being and satisfaction of your residents in the process.  Come to booth #2801 to learn why SRM is your go-to resource for fast, safe, and effective restoration - plus enter for your chance to win a Solo Stove Mesa XL!

StoveTop FireStop
Booth 2616
StoveTop FireStop has been a leader in residential fire safety for half a century, effectively reducing cooking related incidents that can result in injuries, fatalities and property damage. Multifamily property owners have also reported a 5- 7% reduction in insurance premiums, highlighting another tangible benefit of these products.

Tango Belt
Booth 3119
We welcome you to learn more about the Tango Belt, the wearable device designed to mitigate fall injury, as well as learn more about our recently completed, multi-site clinical study!

Booth 2702

Help Your Employees Save Money, Win $250. Did you know that 53% of healthcare workers said they have missed work because of a financial obstacle? And in a competitive hiring landscape, 76% of healthcare workers said they’d work extra shiftsif their employer offered an on-demand pay option. Stop by (Booth #) and learn about how Tapcheck’s no-cost earned wage access benefit can help you hit hiring and retention goals. Plus, a chance win a little cash to keep you cool this summer!

TCP Software
Booth 2620
Join us for information on our solutions for time, attendance, and scheduling. Visit booth #2620 to enter to win a pair of Apple Airpods!

Booth 3343
Step into the future of workforce management at TeamBridge's booth #3343. Revolutionize your workplace efficiency with our composable platform, powered by AI. Say goodbye to scattered tools and hello to seamless integration. Discover how TeamBridge streamlines onboarding, scheduling, communication, and more — all in one place. Plus, enter our $100 DoorDash gift card giveaway! Join us at booth #3343 to unlock unparalleled productivity and cohesion in your team.

Booth 3440
Simplify senior living and enhance your facility's functions all from a single AI technology-driven platform. Come by booth #3440 to learn how TechSeek services can customize your Senior Living IT experience to reduce risk, optimize your staff, and generate additional revenue streams. Become more efficient with the way you operate:

  • Diminish lawsuit risk costs with patient monitoring - keeping patients safe, documented services, faster response times
  • Gain additional revenue streams by offering more than just "quality of life" to patients and loved ones
  • Optimize staffing and resources through simplified automatic communication
  • Enhance safety from fall detection to critical calls for help

Let us show you what we mean. Bonus! Enter our easy-to-win raffle for a $100 gift card. We look forward to meeting you.

Booth 3218
Drop by our booth to see how we can design and deploy technologies like video, access control, vision AI and intrusion alarms. Explore our support and break/fix service capabilities to keep your facility up and running at all times. Get to know Telaid for dependable, experienced technology integration and support services. Drop by our booth #3218 to start a conversation!

Booth 3441
Teleker is the only at-home healthcare experience that seamlessly integrates into the senior's daily routine, thanks to its unique AI ambient computing approach. This approach connects patients via their existing TV and voice interface. Best of all, the services you can provide with Teleker are covered by Medicare. With Teleker, assisted living facilities and healthcare providers can offer new services for free and generate revenue.

Tenera Care
Booth 2820
The next generation of AI driven, all-inclusive solution purpose built for Senior Living. Replace existing technologies: Nurse Call, Fall Detection, Wander Management, Staff Communication and more! Tenera's has proven to deliver better care and improve staff productivity/satisfaction.

  • Real time location with precision to the chair.
  • Unparalleled FALL DETECTION with unobtrusive technology – no cameras!
  • Resident health and wellness insights including fall risk, UTI risk and more.
  • Wearable solution with up to a 1 year battery life!
  • Fully waterproof - wear it in the shower.
  • Complete 360 degree view of staff interaction with residents.

The Joint Commission
Booth 3208

Why work with The Joint Commission? To start, 95% of health care organizations positively rate accreditation on helping to find unknown risks and others credit The Joint Commission with attracting new staff. Consumers and caregivers are willing to tour, drive further and pay more for an accredited community. Several states accept Joint Commission accreditation in lieu of licensure surveys. The Joint Commission is the only accreditor to offer memory care certification in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Association. Now more than ever, quality matters. Distinguish your organization with the proven leader in health care quality. Visit us at #3208.

Thinkie, Inc
Booth 3412
Come see just how easy – and fun! – it is to improve your cognitive health with Thinkie.   The Thinkie System now makes real-time measurement and visual feedback possible in an end-to-end brain training system.   Our extensive research shows that even casual Thinkie users gain years – even decades – of brain age improvement. With regular training, they rewind the clock to maintain those gains.   Thinkie's cutting-edge brain training system includes a small wearable device, a tablet preloaded with visual feedback and proven brain training games, and ongoing support services.  Let Thinkie be your guide to train, gain, and maintain better cognitive health.

ThriveWell Tech
Booth 3232
Visit ThriveWell Tech at Booth 3232 to explore cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for enhancing the quality of life in senior living communities. Our innovative services are designed to streamline operations, improve resident care, and ensure safety, making us an essential partner for any forward-thinking community. Engaging with ThriveWell Tech offers an opportunity to stay ahead in a competitive industry by adopting the latest in technology and data services.

Booth 2618
Uniguest offers secure, turnkey solutions including cloud-based software to manage digital signs, IPTV, and more. We support 3,500+ senior living communities stateside and 18,000 hotels worldwide, pioneering the integration of advanced digital engagement solutions into senior living communities. Now under one umbrella, Uniguest Community incorporates Touchtown, Sagely, and Eversound. We are excited to present our digital solutions at the Senior Living Executive Conference where you'll see exclusive demos of interactive digital bulletin boards, hearing solutions, and more. Connect with the team at booth #2818 to hear about the future of senior living and discuss where no community has gone before!

US Foods
Booth 2609
Did you know: Healthcare occupancy rates are driven by residents' satisfaction? US Foods has a program called VITALS that supports resources like webinars, menu ideas and best practices to help increase satisfaction in long term care facilities. To learn more, stop by booth #2609 and speak with one of our experts or visit our website at

Booth 2911
Come learn how Vimient is enriching the lives of residents with Vimient Connect, a proactive wellness and lifestyle management amenity tailored to each resident's unique needs. Vimient Connect's success is built on our unique approach of combining data analytics with personalized support from Certified Health and Wellness Coaches to create human-to-human connection. This innovative Wellness and Lifestyle
Management service provides:
• Extended length of stay
• Improved quality of life
• Elevated physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
• Increased resident engagement
• Enhanced communication within each resident's ecosystem
Visit us at Booth #2911 and enter to win a $100 gift card.

Booth 3118
Stop by the Waystar table to speak with our revenue cycle experts about strategies to boost productivity and bring in fuller, faster payments. Enter to win a pair of custom Nike shoes.

WelcomeHome Software
Booth 2909
Visit WelcomeHome to learn how we continue to empower your senior living CRM experience and drive occupancy growth. Meet our team at Booth#2909 and enter to win a Yeti backpack cooler!

Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.
Booth 3128
Take your activity program to the next level. From simple to complex, learn how a model railroading program can elevate your community.  Visit us at booth 3128 and enter to win an activity program worth over $500!

Booth 2838
It's 10PM; do you know where your staff is? Discover how Workrede can revolutionize your staff management and communication, ensuring enhanced resident care and operational efficiency. Visit us at booth #2838 for insights on streamlining your workflows and for a chance to win an exclusive Argentum 1.75L bottle of Woodford Reserve.