Philip Bowler

Philip Bowler is the owner Phil Bowler Consulting, a company which he established after retiring from a 32-year career at ConvaTec in 2020.
At ConvaTec, Phil was the Vice President for Science & Technology and was based at the Research & Development facility in North Wales, UK. His expertise spanned the Advanced Wound Care, Continence & Critical Care, Ostomy Care, and Infusion Devices businesses within ConvaTec.
Phil received his BSc degree from The University of Salford in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom in 1979, and his MPhil degree from the University of Wales College of Medicine in Heath Park, Cardiff, United Kingdom in 1999.
Phil is recognized internationally for his knowledge and work in the field of wound microbiology, infection, and infection control. He has published widely, including articles in Clinical Microbiology Reviews, the International Journal of Dermatology, the Journal of Hospital Infection, Annals of Medicine, the International Wound Journal, Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, and the Journal of Wound Care, and he has also been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences that include the World Union of Wound Healing Societies, the European Wound Management Association and the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (US).
In his research and development capacity, Phil played a lead role in the development of ConvaTec’s antimicrobial dressings, namely AQUACEL® Ag and AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra/AQUACEL® Ag Advantage. He has considerable experience in the field of infection prevention relating to medical devices such as wound dressings and catheters.
Presently, Phil serves as an expert scientific advisor to medical device companies, providing guidance on subject matter including scientific strategy and leadership, medical device innovation, new product development, microbiology, chronic and biofilm infections, infection prevention, antimicrobial therapies, and antimicrobial resistance and stewardship. Phil continues to educate and publish widely in these areas.



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