Kelly Clark

Kelly J. Clark, MD, MBA, DFLAPA, DFASAM is a Past President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Founder and President of Addiction Crisis Solutions. Dr. Clark is a co-author of “Guide for Future Directions for the Addiction and OUD Treatment Ecosystem” and of "Integrating Telehealth and Traditional Care in Chronic Pain Management and Substance Use Disorder Treatment: An Action Agenda for Building the Future State of Hybrid Care" through the NAM Opioid Collaborative.

Dr. Clark has extensive experience in policy, payment, and quality issues in behavioral health care and specifically addiction. She has provided her expertise to the US Presidential Opioid Commission, FDA, SAMHSA, the Office of Comptroller General, the FBI, DEA, and OIG. She has served as expert witness in numerous federal trials of treatment providers, as well as her work in civil cases.

Her current work includes as a Director of DisposeRx and clinical advisor to Bicycle Health, the largest provider of telehealth addiction services in the country, as well as continuing in her 12th year on the Advisory Board of the RX Summit.