Daniel Blaney-Koen

Daniel Blaney-Koen, JD, is a senior attorney with the American Medical Association Advocacy Resource Center (ARC). The ARC attorneys focus on working with state and specialty medical societies on state legislative, regulatory, and policy-related advocacy. In addition to his work in the ARC, Daniel has held several roles at the AMA, including serving as a public information officer, policy analyst, and speechwriter. Currently, he focuses on state legislation, regulation and policy concerning the nation’s overdose epidemic, with particular emphasis on overdose prevention and treatment. He also handles other pharmaceutical issues, physician wellness as well as insurance market reforms. Prior to joining the AMA in 1999, Blaney-Koen earned his Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Colorado State University, and his bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona. He and his wife live in Chicago with their two young sons and daughter.