The full 2024 agenda will be announced soon. 


2024 Topics

WEDNESDAY, October 16: Acute Leukemia & Myeloid Malignancies 
» AML and MDS
» Rare Diseases

THURSDAY, October 17: Lymphoma 
» Aggressive Lymphomas
» DLBCL and Follicular Lymphoma Update
» Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia                                                                                       

FRIDAY, October 18: Multiple Myeloma 
» Biology and Pathology for Clinicians
» Upfront Treatment of Myeloma
» Evolving Treatment in Myeloma
» Treatment Options in Relapsed/Refractory MM                                                                                     

SATURDAY, October 19: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 
» Frontline CLL
» Relapsed/Refractory CLL
» When, Where and How to Use the New Armamentarium


Nurses and Physician Assistant/Associate Track

Spanish Session in Myeloma

Spanish Session in Lymphoma

October 16-19, 2024 | New York City


Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Track

Join us for a Workshop dedicated to NP/PAs. 

Experience the ultimate educational event at the Lymphoma, Leukemia & Myeloma Congress, where we have curated a specialized program specifically tailored to the needs and interests of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and multidisciplinary support professionals. Leading the charge is our esteemed co-chair Jeremy T. Heinerich, PA-C.

Immerse yourself in captivating discussions as we delve into a diverse range of thought-provoking topics, guaranteed to broaden your horizons.


Topics will be added soon.

Spanish Sessions

Returning in 2024 are our Spanish Sessions on Myeloma and Lymphoma. 

Dates will be announced when the agenda is finalized.