Rivkah (Roslyn) Isseroff

Dr. Rivkah (Roslyn) Isseroff is a Distinguished Professor of Dermatology at University fo California Davis and Chief of Dermatology at the VA Northern California Health Care system, where she directs the VA’s Wound clinics. As a dermatologist/cell biologist, she has been involved in basic and translational research for decades with the long-term goals of uncovering the mechanisms that prevent healing in chronic wounds and developing strategies for improving healing and skin regeneration. Her current research and clinical interests converge on wound healing: in the multispecialty Wound/Ulcer clinic at the VA she carries out clinical research that focuses on modalities that can improve cell migration and wound healing. In the lab, her group focuses on the effects of electric fields equivalent to those found in acute wounds on wound cells, elucidating the mechanisms by which cells respond to the applied electric field with directional migration and the role of catecholamine stress hormones (like epinephrine and norepinephrine) in wound healing. She is the author of over 180 peer reviewed publications and a recipient of grants from NIH, DARPA, the VA and the California Institute for Regenerative Cures. Her commitment is to optimizing care for patients with chronic wounds.