Lisa Whitley

Lisa E. Whitley, MSN, CPNP, PMHS is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Mental Health Specialist with over a decade of experience in Pediatric mental health evaluation and psychopharmacological medication management. Her independent child psychiatric focused practice experience began at Salisbury Pediatric Associates heading their Koontz Behavioral Health Center. Since March 2020 she is the Psychiatric NP for the first Child focused Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT) in North Carolina through the Children’s Hope Alliance as her full-time position. This is a new and exciting venture on the forefront of mental healthcare’s current expansion toward more focus on community-based care in place of psychiatric residential facilities for children which over the next few years will be expanding statewide. Lisa is not only a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, but additionally a certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist. She has a special interest and passion for pediatric psychopharmacology and is tenured in treating many behavioral pediatric conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, among others. Lisa is also knowledgeable in integrative medicine and incorporates functional medicine options into her treatment plans when appropriate. She has practiced as a solo mental health specialist for a large part of her career. In addition to her clinical practice she enjoys sharing her knowledge and clinical experience while meeting new peers.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro 2002

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2005

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