The Wound Care Collaborative Community Driving Innovation Summit

May 13, 2024 | Orlando, FL 

This May, co-located with SAWC Spring | WHS, the Wound Care Collaborative Community (WCCC) will host its first invite-only event, the Wound Care Collaborative Community Driving Innovation Summit, bringing together thought leaders from the WCCC, FDA, and CMS along with key opinion leaders, researchers, and representatives from industry, health systems, and payers to evaluate the barriers to wound care innovation and learn how we can overcome those barriers together. Our goal is to foster the development and availability of innovative and effective wound-healing therapies to drive advancement and outcomes. 

About the Wound Care Collaborative Community (WCCC)

The Wound Care Collaborative Community (WCCC) is an FDA-approved and recognized Collaborative Community focused on stimulating wound care innovation to improve product safety and patient access to cutting-edge medical technology while reducing cost and time to market. The WCCC acts as a focal point for collaboration between various segments of the wound care community and works closely together with the FDA and CMS on medical device, drug, and biologic challenges to achieve common objectives and outcomes that are squarely focused on removing the barriers to innovation for patients. 

Agenda & Speakers



    • What Topics Will be Covered?

      - Conducting wound case clinical trials using new alternative end-point designs 
      - Improved reporting of preclinical and clinical trials 
      - Development of recommendations for conducting preclinical trials to improve translational success 
      - Development of a scientifically based roadmap for wound care clinical trials that better defines appropriate inclusion and exclusion criteria to demonstrate the impact of an intervention in the real world, and to help regulators and payers better interpret study results for approval and coverage decisions
      - Reducing risk for study sponsors with increased predictability as to how clinical results will be interpreted 
      - Developing strategies for using real-world evidence in wound care product evaluation 
      - Producing higher-quality evidence for regulatory decision-making 
      - Driving better-informed payer coverage decisions and setting acceptable evidence thresholds of "significant benefit" 
      - Building a collaborative relationship between the FDA, payers, and the wound care community 


    • Who Will Be Speaking?
      • Yi Arnold, PhD, MBA, Integra LifeSciences
      • John Azeke, MD, FDA
      • Phalan Bolden, FNP-C
      • Marissa Carter, PhD, WCCC Workstream Chair
      • Cynthia Chang, MD, FDA/Director
      • Peggy Dotson, RN, BS, WCCC Treasurer/Secretary
      • Vickie R. Driver, DPM, MS, FACFAS, WCCC Chair
      • Caroline Fife, MD, WCCC Workstream Chair
      • Sharon Gabrielson, RN, MBA
      • Lisa Gould, MD, PhD, WCCC Co-Chair
      • Beate Hanson, Convatec
      • Maribel Henao, DPM, MSPT, BSMAS, Organogenesis Inc
      • Dheerendra Kommala, MD, ECRI
      • John Lantis, WCCC Member
      • Amy Law, 3M Health Care, Medical Solutions Division
      • William Li, MD, WCCC Board Member
      • Julie Morabito, PhD, FDA
      • Alisha Oropallo, MD, WCCC Work Group Chair
      • Matt Pine, Intellicure
      • Joseph Rolley, MS, WCCC Work Group Chair
      • Randy Schwartz - Mölnlycke Health Care
      • Micheal Steadman, Urgo Medical
      • Cristin Taylor, Convatec
      • Marjana Tomic-Canic, PhD, WCCC Workstream Chair
      • Shabnam Vaezzadeh, MD, MPA, BCMAS - WCCC Member
      • Dev Verma, MD, FDA/CDER
      • Lucian Vlad, MD
      • Howard Walthall, JD, WCCC Workgroup Chair: Progenacare
      • Emma Wright, MD, Molnlycke Health Care



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