James Montgomery

Jes Montgomery, MD graduated from LSUMC New Orleans in 1980, trained and Boarded (1980-1997) in Family Medicine and completed Psychiatry Residency in 1995 and ABPN Boarded (1997- present). He was certified by ASAM in 1987 and became a Diplomate of ABAM subsequently. He has worked in residential and outpatient treatment of physicians and other healthcare and educated professionals since 1997 with several known treatment programs. He is currently the Medical Director for APN-DFW Detox/Outpatient Program, which will open in 2023 in the DFW area. He currently consults with APN Lodge in their Professionals Program. After two decades of teaching Maintaining Boundaries courses, he co-authored “The Ethical Risks of Professional Boundaries: When to Say Whoa, When to Say No,” a handbook of the core content. He has presented to FSPHP, ASAM and the International Conference on Physician Wellness (AMA/CMA/BMA).