Dee Dawdy

Dee Dawdy, MSW, boasts a stellar 30-year career in behavioral health, skillfully directing over 45 national events for more than 31,000 attendees. Torus Events, her brainchild, excels in event management while also offering tailored project management and consulting services.

At the heart of Torus Events is a commitment to addiction and mental health, with a focus on delivering top-tier service and education. Dee's previous role as Director involved a meticulous review of faculty submissions and the coordination of 1,258 CE/CME credits, demonstrating her capacity to manage a faculty of over 2,700 with exceptional organizational acumen.

The AMPLIFY program is a unique offering from Torus Events that elevates individuals and organizations as thought leaders in their respective clinical and executive domains. It equips authors and speakers with the skills to excel in presentations and navigate the CE/CME landscape, ensuring their expertise stands out. Organizations benefit from AMPLIFY by gaining the tools to showcase their internal talent and establish their leaders as authoritative industry figures.

Events are the primary function at Torus Events, yet the company's project management and consulting services extend Dee's three-decade expertise to broader operational projects. With a focus on detail and client success, Dee's leadership positions Torus Events as an industry benchmark for both impactful event execution and strategic project management.