Overcome Objections and Get the Support You Deserve

One of the best ways to get management support to attend the event is to submit a formal proposal to your direct supervisor outlining the how your attending the conference benefits your organization.

  1. Determine whether your organization has a formal professional development policy, form, and/or budget for conference or CE opportunities.
  2. Review the daily schedule for the conference to identify educational sessions and networking events that address specific needs within your organization.
  3. Begin preparing your proposal.

Communicate Why You Should Attend

Use this letter to assist in requesting your employer to allow you to attend the conference:

Dear [Employer],

The Rocky Mountain Symposium takes place August 16–18, 2024, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center. The Rocky Mountain Symposium provides superior clinical education and networking for addiction, behavioral health, and mental health professionals. Clinicians and executives alike convene and work together to improve and refine outcome-based addiction disorder services and patient care. By attending, I can

  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Learn from a diverse curriculum that includes hot-topic areas
  • Re-energize myself professionally through networking
  • Stay ahead of emerging topics that reflect today’s priorities
  • Receive included coffee breaks and lunches

Approximate Investment for My Attendance:

  • Travel costs: $300 [Update to show approximate costs from your location.]
  • Accommodation (2 nights at $192/night*): $384*
  • Dinners (2 days at $25): $50
  • Attendee Rates for 3 days: $525**  
  • Total cost to attend: $1,259 [Update as needed.]
*Does not include hotel taxes & fees.
**$525: Lowest rate for clinicians. 

I would like to request approval to attend the Rocky Mountain Symposium, as I believe it will keep me up-to-date on trending topics, allow me to expand my professional network, and also provide practical takeaways that I can share with my colleagues.


[Your Name]