Showcasing Trailblazers Shaping Disruptive Business and Payment Strategies

The Clinical Pathways Congress + Cancer Care Business Exchange is revolutionizing the cancer care industry by breaking down barriers and pushing the boundaries of how we deliver and pay for care. ​

The event brings together industry leaders, healthcare professionals, researchers, payment reform experts, and innovators to discuss and showcase transformative oncology delivery, payment, and business models.​

By exploring innovative strategies and solutions, we aim to transform the current cancer care landscape, ensuring better access, higher quality care, and improved patient outcomes. ​

We invite you to refine your approach in Boston on September 6–8, 2024.​

Together, we will delve into complex topics such as the role of AI in oncology, the significance of and barriers to effective clinical trial recruitment in the community setting, the power and impact of vertical integration, trends in practice consolidation, the EOM outlook from diverging perspectives, and so much more.​

Join us as we disrupt traditional norms and explore groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the future of cancer care delivery and payment.​

Who Should Attend

If you are part of the pathways process or involved in any aspect of the business of cancer care delivery, it is highly recommended to register today in order to make inquiries, gain valuable insight, and actively explore opportunities for dialogue on the pressing issues in the business of cancer care delivery. The Exchange provides a unique space to connect with professionals and experts in the field, enabling you to enhance your knowledge and contribute to the advancement, disruption, and transformation of cancer care delivery.

Embracing the Disruptors

Showcasing pioneers in disruptive and transformative operational, payment, and business models, and offering networking opportunities, the Exchange provides valuable insights and inspiration for attendees looking to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing landscape. By learning from these trailblazers and connecting with like-minded professionals, attendees not only gain knowledge about cutting-edge strategies but also foster meaningful collaborations that can drive innovation and growth in their own organizations.

Maximize Your Time Away

Taking time away from the office can be a challenging decision. However, when registering for the Exchange, participants get the opportunity not only to attend the event but also to explore the enchanting city of Boston during autumn. Witness the breathtaking changing colors of leaves and immerse yourself in the rich historical sites along the iconic Freedom Trail as you enjoy the unique and unforgettable cultural experience Boston offers.

What You Can Expect

The Exchange brings together 400+ providers, insurers, technology platforms, pathway providers, and industry experts for a comprehensive 3-day program aimed at tackling urgent questions and complex subjects in order to revolutionize the way the healthcare industry delivers and finances cancer treatment.

  • 200
    Leading Cancer Organizations
  • 27
    Expert Presenters
  • 20
    Unmatched Educational Sessions

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